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BIOBASE BOV-215V(220V): New 213L Drying Cabinet with Temperature Range of 50~200°C | OB GYN Equipment


BIOBASE BOV-215VL(220V): New 213L Drying Cabinet with Temperature Range of 50~200 – OB GYN Equipment


High-Performance Memmert Universalschrank UN450plus: 449L, 20-300°C, TwinDISPLAY, Stainless Steel, Ethernet Interface, and More!


Introducing the Binder Serie FED Avantgarde.Line – The Ultimate Drying and Heating Cabinet with Recirculating Air and Extended Time Functions


Memmert Durchreicheschrank UF260TS: New 256l Drying Cabinet with TwinDISPLAY, Adjustable Temperature Range 30°C – 250°C, Stainless Steel Door, and Advanced Features


Memmert Paraffin Cabinet UN160pa: Natural Convection, TwinDISPLAY, 161L, 20-80°C Temperature Range, Multiple Overtemperature Protection – Ideal for Drying and OB GYN Equipment


Memmert UF110mplus: New Universal Drying Cabinet with TwinDISPLAY – 108L, 20-300°C Temperature Range, Multiple Features


Memmert UF450TS Drying Cabinet: TwinDISPLAY, 449L, 30°C – 250°C, Stainless Steel Door, Advanced Controls, Ethernet Interface, Overtemperature Protection – Ideal for OB GYN Equipment