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2WIN Adaptica: The Ultimate Binocular Mobile Auto-Refractometer and Vision Analyzer for Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists


ACCUTOME A-Scan Plus Connect: Advanced Ultrasonic Scanner with USB Footswitch and Software – New, 12 Month Warranty


ACCUTOME B-Scan Plus: Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic B Scanner with Proprietary Software – New, 12 Month Warranty


BON SL-75 ELITE (H) LED Slit Lamp Type 2 – New with 12-Month Warranty | Ophthalmic Equipment for Precise Eye Examinations


BON SL-75 V (H-Type) LED 2: Cutting-Edge Slit Lamp with New Features for Enhanced Ophthalmic Examinations


Capture Clear Retinal Images with OPTOMED Aurora Hand-held Fundus Camera: Includes Anterior Segment Module Worth €700


Capture High Resolution Fundus Images with the DEC 1000P Retinal Camera – New, Wireless Integration, iPad App Included