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2WIN Adaptica: The Ultimate Binocular Mobile Auto-Refractometer and Vision Analyzer for Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists


Enhance Vision Accuracy with the NEW RIGHTON BON Speedy-K2 Autoref-Keratometer – Advanced Autorefractor with Resting State of Accommodation


Enhance Your Eye Care Practice with the REICHERT OptoChek Plus Autorefractor – Innovative Features and Reliable Readings


Enhance Your Eye Care Practice with the Reichert OptoChek™ Plus – Auto Refractor Keratometer: Advanced Technology, Rapid Measurements, and Free UK Delivery!


Enhanced Accuracy and Advanced Features: Introducing the SHIN Nippon Accuref R-800 Autorefractometer by Rexxam (New)


Get Accurate Eye Measurements with the Righton Retinomax 5 Autorefractor – Includes Charging Station, Printer, and More! | Techni Eye Certified | 6 Months Warranty | Financing Available


HUVITZ HRK-1 Autorefrakto-/Keratometer: New, Advanced Technology for Accurate Eye Measurements | 12-Month Warranty


i-Optik KR-9600 Autorefractokeratometer: Advanced Technology for Reliable Refractive Measurement and Precise Keratometry


I-OPTIK KR-9600: Advanced Autorefractor with New Features for Optimal Eye Care | 12-Month Warranty


I-OPTIK RM-9000: Fast, Accurate Autorefractor with Advanced Image Processing Technology