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2WIN Adaptica: The Ultimate Binocular Mobile Auto-Refractometer and Vision Analyzer for Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists


ACCUTOME A-Scan Plus Connect: Advanced Ultrasonic Scanner with USB Footswitch and Software – New, 12 Month Warranty


ACCUTOME B-Scan Plus: Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic B Scanner with Proprietary Software – New, 12 Month Warranty


BEIJING X30: Advanced Anesthesia Machine with Intuitive Touch-Screen Display and Multi-Modes for Ventilation


BIOBASE BJPX-C160D(220V): New Laboratory Incubator with 160L Capacity and Temperature Range of RT 5~60°C


BIOBASE BK-280(Sapphire) 200 T/H Bench-top Chemistry Analyzer: Advanced Biochemical Analysis with 49 Sample Positions, 56 Reagent Positions, and Automatic Cuvette Washing


BIOBASE BK-GC112A (220V 50HZ): Advanced Gas Chromatograph with 7-inch LCD Display, FID Detector, and Software – Perfect for Laboratory Analysis


BIOBASE BKDB-1600 Lab Dosimeter: Accurate Measurements, User-Friendly Design, and Free UK Delivery


BIOBASE BKDB-2100: Advanced Lab Dosimeter with Spacious Work Area and Fast Delivery