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Experience Exceptional Performance and Versatility with the BURTON AIM-200 Double Ceiling O/R Light: Advanced LED Technology, Double Ceiling Mount Design, and Free Delivery in the UK!


Experience High-Resolution Imaging with PHILIPS Lumify S4-1: Advanced Ultrasound Machine with 2D, Color Doppler, and M-Mode


Experience High-Resolution Imaging with the PHILIPS Lumify L12-4 Ultrasound Machine: 2D, Color Doppler, M-Mode, and More!


Experience the Power of PHILIPS Lumify C5-2: New Ultrasound Machine with 12-Month Warranty


Introducing the BURTON AIM-200 Single Ceiling O/R Light: Easy Positioning, Quick Bulb Replacement, and Shadow-Free Illumination

New PHILIPS INCISIVE CT 64/128 2020 with free shipping in UK and Europe



Buy MRI & CT Philips in the UK and Europe, with delivery and installation

Welcome to IMBIOSOL, your premier destination for exceptional medical imaging solutions. With a specialization in the sale of Philips medical MRI and CT equipment, we proudly operate throughout the United Kingdom and the European continent, ensuring efficient delivery to cities across England and Europe. Our unwavering commitment to excellence enables us to bring the transformative power of Philips technology to healthcare professionals in cities both large and small.

In England, we serve the following cities:

  • London: Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Philips medical MRI and CT equipment as we conveniently deliver to the bustling healthcare community of London.
  • Birmingham: Elevate your medical practice in Birmingham with state-of-the-art Philips imaging technology, enabling accurate diagnoses and optimized treatment planning.
  • Manchester: Our comprehensive range of Philips medical imaging solutions enhances Manchester’s healthcare landscape, empowering clinicians to provide exceptional patient care.
  • Liverpool: IMBIOSOL delivers the latest Philips MRI and CT equipment to Liverpool, ensuring healthcare providers have access to advanced imaging technology for accurate diagnostics and improved patient outcomes.
  • Leeds: From precise evaluations to streamlined workflows, our Philips imaging solutions in Leeds empower healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care with confidence.
  • Newcastle: Count on IMBIOSOL’s prompt delivery service, extending to Newcastle, to equip medical practitioners with advanced Philips medical imaging equipment for comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.

Across the European continent, we extend our services to major cities including:

  • Berlin, Germany: Unlock the potential of superior medical imaging technology in Berlin with our range of Philips MRI and CT equipment, enabling precise diagnostics and streamlined patient care.
  • Madrid, Spain: IMBIOSOL proudly caters to the vibrant healthcare landscape of Madrid, delivering cutting-edge Philips imaging technology that supports accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.
  • Rome, Italy: In the historic city of Rome, our Philips medical imaging solutions empower healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care through accurate and detailed diagnostics.
  • Paris, France: Parisian healthcare providers can rely on IMBIOSOL for the delivery of Philips medical imaging equipment, revolutionizing patient care and enhancing imaging capabilities.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: IMBIOSOL’s comprehensive delivery service ensures that healthcare professionals in Amsterdam have access to Philips imaging technology, driving improved patient outcomes.
  • Vienna, Austria: In Vienna, our range of Philips medical MRI and CT equipment enables medical practitioners to leverage advanced technology for accurate diagnoses and efficient patient management.

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Choose IMBIOSOL as your trusted partner for Philips medical MRI and CT equipment. Experience the transformative power of Philips technology, backed by our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and comprehensive delivery services. Together, let’s shape the future of medical imaging and revolutionize healthcare.